1. The former Fortress of Calligritude is being converted into a nursery (we have until August, but I wanted a change!), so I present my new calligraphy area!  The PC gets its own area with the scanner.  To the right, shelves with stickers, and calligraphy books, finished examples, a shelf for gaming systems.  Up on the very top: a basket with letters from pen-pals.  Taped to the side, some inspiration!  The writing desk has a pull-out area for paper, my inks, a smattering of pens and pencils, my MacBook, the tower of Lego people, my handmade Curious George glass mosaic, and better lighting!

    I still need to figure out how to optimize the kiddo’s play area in here, as he has a cute little table, and the Wii w/ Netflix.  Still!  I already feel more productive!

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