1. REALLY agitating J Herbin 1670 Anniversary - Stormy Grey makes it very sparkly!

  3. My friend, Ray, of talkamongstthetrees, sent me an amazing apartment-warming gift: a sample of J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary Ink - Stormy Grey!  It sold out almost immediately when Goulet Pens got it in a few weeks ago, but Ray snagged some samples.  I can’t believe he sent me one of them!

    The other famous ink from the set of three 1670 Anniversary inks, Rouge Hematite (Bleu Ocean is very nice, but doesn’t stand out like the other two), is a scarlet color with flecks of iron suspended in it.  I absolutely love it - you get beautiful shading but also the sparkle from the metal particles.

    Stormy Grey is a wonderful grey - it took me a while to discover grey ink (thanks to Ray!), but good grey inks display gorgeous shading.  the variations in light and dark give your writing extra visual interest.  On top of the shading, there are also  pulverized golden flecks (I’m not sure what metal it actually is) throughout the ink.  Shaking your pen fairly vigorously, fairly often, helps bring them out.  The eventual effect on the page is something like lightning flashes behind a storm cloud.  It’s the best thing ever.

    Top photo (sorry about the smudge) is using a 2.4mm Pilot Parallel Pen (without as much pen shaking between letters/strokes as would be ideal).  The second image is my normal writing with a Pilot italic nib (taken from a Plumix, but mounted on a Metropolitan).  I wasn’t sure you’d get enough of the metallic character with a non-calligraphy nib, but the writing with the italic nib is wonderfully sparkly!  The little mushy note I wrote to my beautiful wife looks so good!

    For calligraphy, the key really seems to be vigorously shaking the pen to detach the metallic bits from the pen walls.

    No thoughts yet on ease of cleanup with this or Rouge Hematite, but it might not be pretty.

    OVERALL, I am in love with this ink.  It looks like Goulet Pens expects more in December.  Sign up for an email alert when they get it back in and/or follow @GouletPens on twitter.  Other outlets are supposed to get some as well, but Goulet Pens has won my ink-filled heart.

    You’re going to want at least a sample vial or two of this ink.  It’s really, really special.

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    Oooh!  Thank you!

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    Good job BUB.

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