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    Sad to hear Organics Studio (apparently a somewhat local business to me!) is closing up shop for a little while, though the reasoning behind it is completely understandable. I ordered a sample vial in of their Walt Whitman, which was used for the above thought crafted by yours truly. I am not really a fan of any green ink, but the color is extremely understated in the WW ink. There’s a beautiful shading from an extremely tarnished gold into a greenish brown to an almost black green. 

    We must be strong, positive. 

    Done on Rhodia with Pilot Metropolitan Medium, Organics Studio Walt Whitman.

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    The mighty BUB in the great outdoors.

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    Fagerborg Kindergarden Reiulf Ramstad Architects


  5. IAMPETH 2014 at Sheraton Hotel, Indianapolis


    imageThe 2014 logo was designed by Don Marsh

    For those who don’t know, the IAMPETH (The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting) convention is held annually around August, for a week of classes, panels and good old fashioned pointed pen fun. The convention is held in different cities in the US, and this year 2014 it was held in Indianapolis, Indiana in the Sheraton Hotel from August 4-9.

    This was my second IAMPETH (2013 was in New Mexico, Albuquerque), and will be rather long blog post as I (try to) recall the week, which was admittedly pretty hazy due to all the fun, class information overload, not enough sleep and running purely on adrenaline and cheap wine. So if you want to know what it was like and perhaps join us next year, please read on to see what happened at this year’s convention, stream of consciousness style.. this will be a long post!

    imageThe Iampeth 2014 family, top row from left: Ritchie Wei, Gillott Principality, Bailey Rivera, Rhonda Smith, Tittivilus, Kathy Saunders, Maggie Cravens, Brian Smith, PR Spencer ; second row: Skyler Chubak, Rebecca Sinnen, Melissa Esplin, Emily Fitzpatrick, Brittany Lax, Amy Dunn, Joi Hunt, Maradasz ; third row: me, Eileen Gustafson, Valerie Williams, Mike Ward, Jacob Ira, Mary Ellen, Marcus Carlini, Taylor Dunnahoe, Rick Muffler

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  7. bublog:

    This is not a dream. Just like BUB, these NEW BUB SOCKS are real.

    Available as black crew socks in space, or blue knee-highs in the sky.


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    Someone help me before I buy everything

    There’s definitely a support group out there… :)


  9. bublog:

    BUB is capable of more happiness than any other living creature.

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    Settlements & Architecture Klaus Leidorf