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    Jaws (1975)

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  3. I have gotten nice messages about how nice I am.  What people don’t see is how I was just a total fucking dick to the other MHA admins.  I was angry about all sorts of other stuff and what was supposed to be the start of a discussion about making it easier to deal with our massive influx of new followers was instead just me making people feel like shit.  I completely fucked that up.  I’m really, really sorry, guys.


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    Which do you prefer?

    The one on the right is super rad!

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  5. Look at how those m’s ruin things.  Dammit, m’s!


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    It’s a begging for money from people on the internet kind of night.


    Good news everybody, we are up to $48 per month. Many thanks to all of our Patrons for this month: pbcwrites, william-michaelis, unhappy-single, runongirl, pattymarq, drafting-table and our new patrons for August memyselfiamweird and neptune818.

    I think I got all of those shout outs correct this time. If you can not afford to or do not wish to support this projects Patreon Fundraiser then by all means please follow and send each of our Patrons a thank you note for doing what you can not.

    It is the 31st of August, which means this is the last day that I can recruit new Patrons for all of the work I did in August. Except for a possible few late pledges it appears I will collect $48, which I most definitely earned the hard way.

    In August I promoted 1500 Calligraphy posts with an average of 20 notes per post. I also hosted the first successful Scribe By Night giveaway.

    The Michael Brown assassination and the Ferguson clusterfuck made me realize that I need to be promoting more than just ink on paper, I also need to promote words with purpose. So I dedicated about a dozen posts over a week to promoting the Michael Brown Memorial Fund and awareness for the Ferguson Protests. I regret that I could not do more but I will do everything I can in the future.

    Otherwise It was a pretty good month, and I will update you again if there are any more Patrons recruited for August. I will update you again even if there are not.


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    A quick inspiration piece from a podcast that @callmebliss introduced me to. #rotunda #calligraphy #welcometomightvale

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    It’s good for you!

    The shading on this ink tho

    It’s a color blend - Pilot Mixable Colours Black on Sailor Jentle Yama-Dori (my favorite ink!).