2. Checking the letter size for a project (the outer border is 5.5 x 12.5 inches).  It’s going to involve at least one large sketch but I can’t decide between two different concepts.  I need to rough out the sketch and see how it works.

  3. Right?

  4. thanks pete

    You’re welcome.

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  6. arctickittie:

    Eyy so I made something and posted it for the first time in forever :P

    Dude!  This is amazing!  :D

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  8. Here at pbcwrites, we don’t know the meaning of the term “over-deliver”!

    This is the official sequel to this earlier piece.  The influence may be too subtle for most people to discern, but this was actually a collaboration with my kiddo, age 4.  And man, It is so satisfying to collaborate with someone who is just so intellectually on the same page as you are. 


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    reblog this and i’ll draw your url fancily based on your blog :) I’m bored and feeling artsy B) 

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    More calligraphies.